To be honest, I've never written a blog. I don't even know what you put in this thing but I figure we should start with the basics. I'll also preface this little project with absolutely no guarantees that I'll be consistent with it, because I'm a little busy and scatter brained, but I hope you enjoy the little pieces of me I leave here every so often. I also ramble, so enjoy the occasional run-on. :) 

My name is Brittany, I'm married with three kids and I love tacos & margaritas. 

I feel like we're best friends already! 

I was a retailer for LuLaRoe for a few years, hit a bunch of ridiculously high sales goals and then the pandemic hit. I couldn't travel, lost my passion and just kind of shrank inside, like I imagine a lot of you did. We got pregnant, miscarried, had to fire a wayward employee, moved into a new house, got hit by a couple hurricanes, won custody of our 14 year old and then I guess I decided I needed to add one more thing - let's switch gears and open my own boutique brand! YAY! 

I might unpack some of the above mentioned obstacles in later blog posts, but for now, let's focus on the first 45 days of Dear Me from my perspective. 

I hired Heather, my assistant turned Office Manager (sounds fancier and she does way more than an 'assistant') while I was still with LuLaRoe because I really needed someone to help out with primarily shipping. I told her when I brought her on, "are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into?" but she's still here, so I guess she likes it so far. Once we switched gears, Heather took on lots more responsibilities and hours. We've even brought her daughter in part time to help with the work load after school hours. It's been a blessing. For reals. 

I didn't anticipate going through as much inventory as we have, as quickly as we have. I'm having to adjust the way I order for the shop to be able to accommodate everyone. The waitlists for items is long but I'm busting my ass trying to get more product in the door as quickly as possible. I'm not complaining, it's a good problem to have! 

USPS has been the bane of my existence. Our email and inboxes have been inundated with "do you know what's going on with my package?" and unfortunately, we don't know anymore than you do. The waiting game was frustrating for a while with the winter storms in February and things are just now looking like they're getting back on this side of normal. I'm done whining about USPS now, I swear! 

I'm excited for Mondays again. It's actually my favorite day of the week. I kick my kids out of the minivan at 7:45 and head to the best 'job' I've ever had with the best people. I brew my Community coffee into my snarky travel mugs and prepare to kick the day in the teeth with a to-do list that is never shorter than the length of my arm. 

We've added a small kids collection, shoes, bags, freaking umbrellas because Louisiana weather has no chill and I absolutely love it all. I don't let grass grow under my feet for very long, so you can just always assume I've got something brewing besides my coffee. 


Brittany McVicker